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Buy or rent a storage unit in Boise, ID

Rocket Storage Condo's offers storage units for rental and purchase in the Boise, ID area. We provide a range of units for personal, commercial and industrial use, in sizes ranging from 12 feet by 40 feet all the way up to 16 feet by 70 feet. Our largest unit is 2627 square feet.

Our storage units work for a variety of purposes beyond your average facility. Units with plumbing and electricity are available, allowing you to use them for...

Business and manufacturing
Boat and personal watercraft storage
Garage work
Leisure and lifestyle spaces

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The benefits of owning your storage

The benefits of owning your storage

You may already know how to rent a storage unit or have done so in the past. But have you ever wanted to buy a storage unit? Rocket Storage Condo's offers both options for Boise, ID residents to consider.

With the cost to rent a storage unit fluctuating up and down through market demand, buying your storage instead gives you the chance to make a strong return on investment. If you plan to use your unit for a long time, buying a storage condo gives you the flexibility and security that traditional storage units don't often provide.

You can learn more about how to buy a storage unit from us by calling 208-850-6324.